About Travis T Ford

Many people get all steamed up by a new love song. Let us not forget that hymns and spirituals are the finest love song of all.

Travis was born in Ireland, now living in New Zealand was introduced to music at a very young age.

Travis’ vocal style is at once audacious and engaging. Ford is a nonpareil songwriter of infectious melodies and sensitive lyrics. He is one of The Legitimate Poets of Country Music.

While his real name is George A Watson, his management team encouraged him to take Travis T Ford as his performance name to separate him from the other George Watson's in the current international music scene. 

Not only is he a fiercely original songwriter, but a fine singer and masterful guitar picker.  Travis is a multi -instrumentalist, and plays most of the instruments on his recordings. 

Travis is a superb country song writer and a unique stylists.  He is the composer of over 300 songs with great crossover appeal. His work is popular and his style of writing and singing are both top class - sensitive and lyrical.

Travis went through the “struggling artist” phase and earned his place at the table. Unlike many of his peers, he had to deal with devastating hardship and unforeseen events along the way.

When presented with his laid-back attitude, it’s hard to imagine all he’s been through.

It only makes his success even more admirable.  

We hope you enjoy listening to his music as much as he has enjoyed composing it.